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About Andersen’s Lock & Safe

Andersen’s Lock & Safe was established in 1946, but we have gone through many changes over the years. The business was founded by Mr. John Andersen as Andersen’s Cycle & Key, a bicycle repair shop combined with a lock and key service. After several decades of selling bicycles and fixing locks for Salinas residents, Mr. Andersen sold the cycling portion of the business to Miguel Milla in 1979.

Mr. Milla combined his newly-purchased company with his sewing business, calling it Milla’s Cycle & Sewing Center. Then, in 1982, he bought the lock shop from Mr. Andersen as well. After the 1989 earthquake, Mr. Milla relocated only the lock and safe portion of the business. Over the years, Andersen’s Lock & Safe has expanded to offer more services and serve a wider area. We have relocated several times to allow our inventory to grow and to accommodate for our customers’ needs.

Today, Andersen’s Lock & Safe is the leading provider of safes and locksmith services in Salinas and Monterey, California. We have five full-service vans and offer quick, efficient service 24/7. We are still a family-owned business, and we take pride in maintaining the same high standards and principles that Mr. Andersen had when he opened Andersen’s Cycle & Key so many years ago.

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